Why is Boulder such a Popular Triathlon Destination?

door | 1 dec 2022

Boulder is popularly known worldwide as the “Mecca” of Endurance Training. Home for some of the best Triathletes in the world and base for Elite squads of distance runners of World Class caliber. Multiple factors contribute to this place being a factory of successful athletes of all levels enhancing their performance to unlock their best potential!

How it all Started

It all relates back to the 1970s when 2-time USA Olympic marathon medalist (gold in the 72 and silver in the 76 Olympics) Frank Shorter came from New York to train in Boulder for that spring. He was an “early believer” of altitude training for distance running chosing Boulder because the University of Colorado had the only indoor track above 5000 feet in the United States at that stage.

Following Shorter’s success with his racing at Olympic level and CU Boulder (University of Colorado) emerging as a national running powerhouse producing 6 national champions and winning 7 national NCAA team titles, many other Elite runners moved to Colorado to have Boulder as their residence and main training base in the ’80s.

Gui Muglia out for a run

Boulder Nowadays

Over the years more and more athletes were drawn to an ever-growing community of runners, cyclists, triathletes, climbers, hikers, and outdoor activities enthusiasts from all over the world! The young, vibrant and charming environment of the town surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains Flat Irons has grown to over 100.000 habitants and sits at 5430 feet (1600m). Athletes living in Boulder can experiment with a quiet daily life (which helps to focus on training and recovery) but at the same time a great infrastructure and high-quality services.

Endless trail choices, exemplary paved and gravel road options for cycling, a couple of 25-yard pools, and one 50m pool (open during summer) summarize the “menu” that can please even the most demanding triathlete. That 1600m elevation is considered a “sweet spot” to get the physiological benefits of high altitude training and still be able to add some intensity/quality to your workouts.

50m Pool open during the summer

Every Upside has a Downside

Everything that is that good, however, comes at a price (pun intended). Over the last decade, Colorado has been one of the most desired destinations for living in general and welcomed people migrating from all over the country. The traffic got heavier, real state pricing skyrocketed and today it sits within the 1% most valued and expensive areas in the whole Unites States.

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Gui on his TT-bike

Boulder should be on your Bucket List.

Those living and training year-round in Boulder don’t take it for granted for sure and are very grateful to help to keep building Boulder’s endurance community where everyone relates and pushes to get the best out of each other. It is somewhat inspirational to go out on a recovery run and wave your hands to an Olympian or cross paths on your ride with multiple-time Ironman Champions! Boulder, Colorado should be on your bucket list destinations to visit!


Happy Training everyone!

-Gui Muglia

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Gui Muglia

Gui Muglia

Pro 🇮🇹 triathlete living in Boulder

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